Tilting Molds

B. Meccanica is a company specialized in the design and production of tilting molds for thermoforming. Thermoforming is a particularly economical and effective technology, with high quality results and an almost unlimited range of applications.

It is a hot forming technology for the most diverse materials for films or panels by vacuum in a positive or negative tool. Film forming with specific technology represents an economical alternative to previously used forming procedures such as cast or spray film.

Tilting Molds

Production of Tilting Molds

Thanks to many years of proven experience, we are able to produce tilting molds for thermoforming of all kinds, based on the geometries, dimensions and characteristics of the artifact to be made, we can also produce molds made from blocks with various levels of surface finishes (e.g. mirror polished or sandblasted).

We can also provide pre-series molds or molds for small production batches. The fields of application are manifold: from bathroom furnishings to industrial vehicles to the household appliance sector, but these molds are used to produce products of common use in many other sectors.

In the automotive sector, for example, this technology is applied internationally for the production of driver’s seat components and doors and for all types of interior trim. This technology also finds wide application in the healthcare, medical and packaging sectors, in “non-brand goods”, in office supplies, in the sports and leisure industry.


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