Thermoforming Molds

thermoforming molds for compostable materials

We are a leading company in the production of thermoforming molds. In this field, the mold is completely made in-house, respecting the highest precision standards and using the most suitable materials according to customer requirements.

The CAM system integrated in CimatronE and a complete set of machines allow us to produce highly complex components in a short time.


Thermoforming Molds for Compostable Materials

In recent years, the use of compostable materials in thermoforming has become increasingly common. Compostable plastics are made from renewable raw materials and can decompose under the right conditions.

At B. Meccanica, we also have extensive experience in the production of thermoforming molds for compostable materials. These require particular care in the design and creation of the mold, as well as the selection of suitable mold materials that can withstand the specific characteristics of these plastics.

We produce high quality molds capable of forming items in innovative compostable materials such as PLA and MaterBi, while maintaining dimensional precision and an excellent surface finish. The molds are treated with dedicated coatings that facilitate demolding.

The use of compostable plastics allows producing disposable items that have less environmental impact compared to traditional plastics. Thermoforming these innovative materials requires specialized know-how that we have developed over the years.

Contact us for thermoforming molds suitable for ecological compostable materials! Our expertise in this field allows us to support customers in the creation of sustainable and innovative products.


Production of Thermoforming Molds

Thermoforming molds are produced by B. Meccanica by leveraging many years of experience and relying on a staff of highly qualified professionals in this technological sector.

Over the years we have become increasingly specialized in this sector where we have stood out for our technology and production techniques that allow us to create very high quality thermoforming molds.

Our experts begin their activity by making a drawing of the final mold which can also be provided directly by the customer. Thermoforming molds can be made with different materials such as aluminum, ureol, wood and resin.

B. Meccanica stands out for the utmost care it takes in each individual process, with the aim of satisfying the people who have placed their trust in our workmanship.

We are able to produce:

  • Molds in wood or resin for samples and small series
  • Aluminum molds with one or more cavities with possible movements
  • Accessory equipment such as masks for machining centers, gluing masks and foaming masks.


Contact us for more information on our thermoforming mold design and production service.