Expert Design Consultancy for Thermoformed Products

At B. Meccanica, we offer specialized design consultancy services for products destined for thermoformed manufacturing. Leveraging over 40 years of industry experience, our engineers provide valuable input during the concept development phase regarding optimal materials, geometries, draft angles, wall thicknesses, and all other aspects that impact moldability and production efficiency.

Expert Design Consultancy for Thermoformed ProductsOur design expertise enables creating products optimized for thermoforming from the outset, avoiding costly revisions later on. We evaluate parts design to identify potential defects like excessive thinning, tearing or warpage, suggesting preventive changes before mold fabrication begins. A finely tuned design prevents quality issues, minimizes cycle times, and reduces material usage.


Comprehensive Simulation and Analysis

To deliver insightful consultancy, we employ advanced CAD tools and FEA simulation to virtually analyze thermoforming behavior. Our engineers can quickly iterate various geometries and plastics grades to find the best possible solution. We examine aspects like stretch distribution, contact pressure, cooling patterns, and demoldability via sophisticated computer analysis.

This upfront simulation capability allows evaluating the feasibility of complex shapes while determining the optimal production parameters. Customers also gain actionable data regarding cycle time estimations, production rates, and secondary operations requirements.


Collaborative Partnership

At B. Meccanica, customers enjoy a collaborative partnership focused on the joint success of new product launches. From initial sketches to pilot runs, our experts support the entire journey of taking an idea to cost-effective production. Contact us to leverage our thermoforming design expertise!