Design and Production of Thermoforming Molds

Thirty years of experience in the thermoformed products field has allowed us to thoroughly understand the functioning of the thermoforming process and the main production lines with which it is made. For this reason, we are a company expert in the field of design and production of thermoforming molds.

The mold is designed to meet all required specifications: object shape, forming quality, scrap minimization, operating speed. All our products undergo a continuous process of optimization and improvement, thanks to collaboration with our customers and the introduction of new solutions that improve their efficiency and quality.

design and production of molds for thermoforming

Conception and Production of molds for thermoforming

Our company has always aimed to offer an adequate support service to meet every need of our customers.

From the design and production of thermoforming molds, through prototyping, to pre-series production, thanks to expertise and reliability that have always distinguished us, we are able to develop a partnership relationship aimed at creating projects that can last and establish themselves over time.

Thanks to continuous technological updates, B. Meccanica company is able to offer its customers a professional service with high added value. Moreover, the experience gained in different technological sectors allows it to support its customers in co-design and product engineering to be produced, always proposing the ideal technical solution for every request.

With a wide range of tested technologies, we are able to advise our customers on the best solution to use for the creation of their molds or models, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness with contained costs and certain benefits.


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