Thermoforming equipment for biodegradable material

Biodegradable materials are materials that can break-down and completely decompose into natural elements within a year or less of their disposal. Commonly seen in an environment-friendly packaging, these products need specifically designed moulds manufactured using special thermoforming equipment for biodegradable material.

Aimed at many national and international clients in need of precision thermoforming equipment and moulds, B-Meccanica specializes in manufacturing equipment for biodegradable materials.

In combination of our innovative precision equipment and many years of experiences, we are capable of meeting the compatibility requirements and other specific technical directives required by almost any printers. Thanks to our best-in-class expertise, our equipment guarantees enormous flexibility and a higher level of quality on a consistent basis.

Therefore, whether you need the thermoforming equipment for industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, automotive, fitness, or leisure sectors; B-Meccanica has proven expertise of providing precision thermoforming equipment at the shortest possible time.