Molds for In-Line Thermoforming Machines

At B. Meccanica, we specialize in the production of high-precision molds for in-line thermoforming machines. Our many years of experience allow us to design and manufacture customized molds that are optimized for integration into automatic production lines.

We have extensive expertise working with all the leading suppliers of in-line thermoformers, creating molds that are perfectly compatible with brands such as Illig, Brown, Gabler, Kiefel and others. Our engineers collaborate closely with customers to understand the specifications of their thermoforming machines and ensure seamless integration of the molds into the existing systems.

B. Meccanica utilizes state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology for mold design and CNC machining centers for manufacturing. We use only the highest quality mold materials, applying specialized treatments that guarantee durability and dimensional stability over millions of cycles.

The molds can include multiple cavities, cut-in detail, moving parts, and other complex features required for in-line production efficiency. We also take care aspects like rapid cooling, ease of part ejection and demolding to enable continuous high-speed cycles.

For unmatched quality in molds purpose-built for your automated thermoforming lines, rely on the expertise of B. Meccanica. Contact us today to discuss your project! Our team is ready to deliver robust, precision molds to maximize the output of your in-line systems.