Realization of cutting machines for thermoforming

Cutting Tools for Thermoforming

B. Meccanica is a company specialized in cutting tools for thermoforming. We have decades of experience in the production of molds for thermoforming, and we are always able to produce any type of mold on request. We exclusively use the most suitable materials, followed by adequate heat and chemical treatments with the aim of increasing their duration, with a consequent decrease in maintenance costs.

Cutting tools for thermoforming are equipment with a recovery cut, which are mounted on horizontal or vertical outputs from the thermoformer. Through special guides, the formed sheet is conveyed, by means of a mechanical or electronic feeder, near the cutting die, in which mechanical centering is carved out.

At this point, the press closes, cutting the products, which are deposited on horizontal channels to be stacked and counted. The scrap, in turn cut, through a conveyor belt, is deposited directly into a grinder and transformed into flakes.


Thermoforming Trimming Machines: Advantages

Assuming that the forming mold has 6 cavities per row and there are 3 rows, we will have a 6×3 mold (18 cavities). The cutting mold will be a single row of 6 cavities, since the speed of the press will be 3 times that of the thermoformer. The only disadvantage is that the cut object in recovery can show, in the presence of containers with edges, small flats or grooves equal to 0.2÷0.3mm on the perimeter.


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