Precision Mechanical Equipment

With over thirty years of experience in manufacturing molds for thermoforming, we have the capability to produce any type of mold based on customer requests using our precision mechanical equipment. We employ the most suitable materials, followed by appropriate heat and chemical treatments, to enhance their durability, resulting in decreased maintenance costs.


Equipment for Molds

These precision mechanical devices allow for the production of the finished product during each cycle. Thermoformed objects, while the machine is open, are expelled from the mold using air pressure and conveyed through arc-shaped channels, then gathered in a horizontal stacker where they are piled and counted.


Equipment for Forming

These precision mechanical tools are designed for medium to large-scale production of thermoformed objects. These molds are installed on thermoforming machines, which can have forming areas of various sizes, determining the maximum number of impressions.

Therefore, the mold is designed in multiple rows, with a fixed number of impressions per row perpendicular to the direction of the sheet’s advancement, while the number of rows varies along the translation.


Equipment for Piercing

These precision mechanical devices feature secondary cutting and are mounted on vertical presses exiting the thermoformer. The thermoformed sheet appears continuous, forming a loop between the two machines.

Through specific guides, the formed material is conveyed, using a mechanical or electronic feeder, towards the piercing mold, which contains mechanical centering points. Holes or slots are made at each press cycle. Eventually, the waste is vacuumed and directed into a collection bin. Any requests for specific hole patterns or slots for impressions can be accommodated.

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