Thermoforming equipment maker

Thermoforming equipment makerB. Meccanica is a leading company in the production of thermoforming equipment. By definition, thermoforming is a technique used in the molding of plastic materials.

There are essentially two distinct types of thermoforming: injection and vacuum or pressure forming. If you need to produce plastic components characterized by particularly thin thicknesses and detailed shapes, then the vacuum thermoforming technique is certainly the most suitable because it ensures enormous flexibility in the construction of the object.

This technique obviously requires the design and construction of specific thermoforming molds, specific equipment capable of guaranteeing a consistently high production quality level.


Thermoforming Molds

But what exactly does this molding technique consist of and how is it used? In practice, the starting point is sheets of plastic material preheated which are simply placed on a mold specifically built to produce a certain type of component.

This plastic deformation process requires the use of thermoforming equipment designed on request of the molder and manufactured according to their specific technical directives. In this sense, the activity of B. Meccanica is aimed precisely at all those who need equipment and molds for use in thermoforming.


Sectors of Use

This technique is used successfully in various industrial and manufacturing sectors: in the automotive sector for the construction of most plastic components such as dashboards, bumpers, fenders and interior trim; in the machinery and agricultural machinery and public transport sector; in the production of components for vending machines; in fitness and gym equipment; in the nautical sector and much more.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of modeling, B. Meccanica has proven expertise at national and international level for the production of thermoforming equipment in any sector.


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