Thermoforming Molds for Coffee Capsules

For over 40 years, B. Meccanica has been designing and manufacturing thermoforming molds for the production of coffee capsules and single-serve pods.

Thermoforming Molds for Coffee CapsulesThanks to our expertise, we are able to develop high-precision molds for high-speed forming of capsules compatible with all major espresso systems on the market, such as Nespresso, Lavazza Blue, Gaggia, Nestlè and many others.

The molds are entirely produced in our facility using high performance CNC machining centers. We only use top-grade materials like Ergal aluminum and special heat-treated steels to ensure maximum dimensional stability.

We are equipped to produce both single and multi-cavity molds, complete with compressed air ejection system. Upon request, we also integrate robotic systems for inserting and forming the filter paper inside the capsule.

Our experience in designing molds for single-serve coffee capsules ensures precise forming results and excellent performance even on high-speed lines.

Contact us for more information! We look forward to developing the ideal mold for your capsule production.