Forming and Cutting Simultaneous Moulds

The forming and cutting simultaneous moulds are a type of moulds for large productions. The forming and cutting simultaneous mould system allow maximum cutting precision.

Special forming and cutting simultaneous moulds are tilting and vacuum forming moulds.
– Tilting moulds
Forming is done by compressed air. They are equipped with different stacking solutions depending on the product type.

– Forming with vacuum moulds
Moulds which allow to have the counting and in-mould stacking, with unloading system to the desired number of objects.

Cutting Simultaneous Mould

In this equipment, thermoforming with compressed air is carried out. Thermoforming and cutting are performed simultaneously at the same step. The external perimeter is cut by adjusted punchdie cutters and guarantees a high precision cut and concentricity without the presence of pulling notches. This type of technology is usually used to produce large series where an excellent quality of the container to be made is required.

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